About Encephalartos Barteri ssp. Allochrous

A scientist from University of Kumasi in Ghana, L.E NEWTON, discovered this very rare plant (Encephalartos Barteri ssp.Allochrous) in 1978, when visiting Nigeria. This plant is a new Cycad subspecie in the area of Takkas-Gilling in North-East of Pankshin Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria and was probably on earth during the Jurassic period about 200 million years ago. This plant is the only plant of its kind in the whole world and it grows only in this part of the world, some can be over 1000 years old. This Plant is developing among rocks on the young granite of Jos Plateau at an altitude of 1200 to 1400 m. Other plants like African Canarium (Atili),Parkia biglobosa (Locust beans) etc. are also included in our areas of interest for conservation. African Canarium is a beautiful tree endemic in the Pankshin mountain. In its adult it produces fruits and Oil similar to the Mediterranean olives used for multiple purposes. It’s grows in rocky arena and has no competition with the farm land and the production of others Agricultural products.

Emphasizing on the importance of Encephalartos barteri ssp.Allochrous, This unique plant is fascinating to the botanists with their Archaic origin, the place they took as first Gymnosperm in the evolution of the vegetal world. Also the interest of the plants for the local tourism and its cultural value as it is unique in West Africa.

We have a priority in our Environmental Conservation Initiative to valorize the site in collaboration with the local people as there is an immense need to motivate them and to increase their awareness about improved production technology through the domestication of these tree species by nurturing them.

Our Mission

To protect and conserve our Natural Environment by creating an enabling ground for Conservation of Threatened/ Endangered species and other economic value trees that are at the risk of being extinct. To override deforestation and desertification by re-establishing a stand for Trees especially those in limited supply with economic values..

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Our Vision

To continually nurture and maintain zero tolerance towards environmental issues. To champaign the preservation of Natural Environment for the benefit of the Government and the Citizens, provide Development for Tourist activities in Nigeria and create a sense of cooperation, mutual harmony and affection among members of the foundation and Nation at large.

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Our Objectives

1. To establish modern floating Nurseries for the reproduction and conservation of endangered subspecies of cycad family “Encephalartos Barteri ssp. Allochrous” within the geographical zones of the allocated plants.
2. To establish seedling stock of cycads and other commercial trees species of great importance to the local community and the world at large.
3. To provide development in green area areas in urban cities and make improvement on the environment for renewable resources.
4. To promote solar thermic energy in isolated villages, education and skill acquisition for youths and women.
5. To supply cycad seedling / planting materials to other botanical gardens of the world.
6. To multiply elite clone and promising varieties of proposed trees species of ecological and economic importance.
7. To construct Cycad Information Office & Botanical Gardens with Organic Gardens & Farms.
8. To conserve and unveiling the natural benefit of African Canarium with many other indigenous economic value trees with health benefit.
9. To reduce habitat loss of Endangered species as a result of reforestation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Conservation?
There are many reasons why we should conserve our natural heritage/ environment:

It aims at sustainable benefit to the present generation.
It maintains a potential to meet the needs and aspirations of future generations.
Proper, judicious and planned use of natural resources may sustain the environment.
Proper exploitation and conservation of renewable resources create fewer problems.
Over-exploitation causes damage of the existing environment.
And if these resources are abused and harmed, we will have short quantity of sources for food and living.

Healthy ecosystems clean our water, purify our air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate, recycle nutrients and provide us with food.
They provide raw materials and resources for medicines and other purposes.
They are at the foundation of all civilisation and sustain our economies
We should take care of nature because nature is life.
Nature is our life if we don’t have any forests, rocks, trees, plants, fruits, animals and many more things the whole world might die if we don’t take care of nature because trees gives us oxigen and clean air,
Plants give us beauty to the world and food, fruits give us vitamins and minerals and forests are home to life.
If we continue contaminate we might have an end! so tke care of our nature and our world.

Our Love for Nature will breed Healthier Environment

Lets us together conserve and protect an endangered species of cycad family.

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